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    Rog graphic cards and and asus dcII graphic cards.

    I just did my first water loop with 2 matrix 7970's.I was thinking My first build had 2 DCII 6970 with the DCII three slot cooler.I liked it a lot and it was great for my first build it was a ok over clocker for the time and looked cool.I think the dcII cards are great for a air cooled rig.Four upgrads later I wanted to go water cooling I also really like the rog line of products.So I put full cover water blocks on my two matrix 7970"s.The temps where cut in half and the cards worked so much better no more artifacts which I was getting at stock speeds.Now I can oc to 1250 and no artifacts.Here is the question I want to ask the rog forum community .We have DCII top cards for enthusiasts that want a great air cooling card.What if the ROG cards came with water blocks on them?The ares II had a Closed loop hybrid .Would the Ares II been beeter with a full cover water block?What if asus kept The dcII line for air cooler rigs and made the rog cards for water cooled rigs?Or maybe have the matrix cards keep the 3 slot dcII cooler and have the matrix Platinum cards come with a water block?From my experience The DcII cooler was good for the 6970 I had but the Matrix 7970p needed better cooling.With the water block I feel that the 7970 matrix p Is now the card it was meant to be.What do you guys think?

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