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    Had the same frustrating registration problems... Sent a message via 'Contact Us' w/ 'Registration Problem' and never received a reply with any help resolving this issue and getting an account registered here. For whatever reason I couldn't get registered no matter what while using my desktop pc but was finally able to register an account when trying from my laptop.

    So there's three people right here with registration problems and I'm sure there are a lot more who still haven't been able to get registered. This is hindering the forum from growing... Apparently ROG staff has either been unaware of this issue or has no idea how to fix it because no one is ever replied to with help on this matter.

    Now I'm encountering another issue. When I try to change my email address here I get the following:
    vBulletin Message
    The two email addresses that you entered do not match.

    Even though they did match because they were copied and pasted in. But then I actually do receive an email to the tried email address but it's just for account activation.
    Email says:
    Since you have recently changed your email, we require that you verify your new email address. You will only need to visit the URL once to have your account updated.
    To complete reverification, please visit this URL:

    Link says:
    vBulletin Message
    Your account has already been activated so please try logging in.

    My email address is never changed to the new one though.

    This site has some issues to resolve... For having some of the best hardware out there, this buggy site doesn't do good for it.

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