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    Quote Originally Posted by kkn View Post
    he already have fittings in his kit myk so he dont have to buy extra for that.......
    if he was gona buy it he had to buy 2 kits of those and would be sitting whit 4 non used fitting in the end.
    I know mate, I made the recommendation as I wasn't sure if there was a tool that he could use for the compression fittings in the kit...since stuff like that comes at a the fittings I linked LOL

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    Thanks for all of the insights guys! I can already see about ten ways you have saved me from getting into trouble. kkn: Okay now I see where you were going with the Zip tie suggestion! Wow brother, you helped me avoid a DOH! moment there lol! I hadn't even considered that the Thermofusion did not come with a fitting. I think ASUS could have upped their street cred with enthusiasts had they provided a sweet little custom compression fitting to allow for uniformity in the style of connectors used. I guess most people must either go old school as you suggested, or simply buy a package of extra Comp fittings. I think I may do the latter, if only for the sake of removing the variable of improper use of the zip ties. Once again, thank you for all of the help gents, I appreciate you taking the time and providing the links etc. If I can ever help you guys out in some way, please lemme know!

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