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    Welcome to New Members..Advice..Don't be shy !!!


    At this post, I have only been a member for less than a month.
    I am old school. When I went to school, hi-tech meant you
    got to use the electric typewriter. Consumer computers were
    still 10 years away. Today, your 6 year old's talking barbie is more of
    a computer than that. I have turned on a 386(old,old,old), made a sandwich,
    ate it...and the 'computer' was 'almost' booted.

    And I know how intimidating getting your feet wet when even my 14 year
    old has gotten impatient with me, has taken my mouse and clicks here, here and here
    with some of the new stuff. What?


    The difference between knowledge and ignorance on any level is
    the simple question. Once asked and answered may or may not
    lead to another question. Of this mutual exchange, progress is born. Here
    you will find this is almost art. From everyone here, for those that
    have read my posts this may be redundant, I am sorry, I am still
    amazed at finding something today that works so well and asks
    so little. I feel compelled to continue to point this out.

    This post is to convey the few rough spots I encountered that
    will make any transition into feeling comfortable here easier, if thats
    possible, so you can jump right in, ask, get answered, report results,
    post any new question that may result from your find, answer posts
    of things you have learned so the information flows and grows and
    most importantly I can read them and learn. Yes, this is all about me. hahaha

    1. Read the few Rules. Learn'm, lov'm, live'm. Respect. Respect. Respect.
    2. Ignore any haters. They will be gone in the morning anyway. (You'll see.)
    3. Read and get a feel for how the others post and deal with each other.
    4. Pay particular attention to member's named @Asus, these people take
    this very serious, they want nothing more than to help,learn and make
    ROG the best it can be for all of us, its their job. Believe it.
    5. Learn the mechanics of the forum, adding images, video..ect.
    there was a great piece on this from Brian@Asus the Admin.
    6. Consider putting your rig in your signature, we all want to know, you will too.
    7. Check your style, you dont need to use suggested slangs to make your
    point here. And its simply not allowed. (OK, you got me..I had to learn
    this one...and I am still sorry for that.)
    8. For anyone that doesn't know this: ( I didn't..still seems laughable to me)
    CAPS is considered yelling at someone. I have found after rereading some
    of th posts I wrote all in caps, and reading so many posts..yes..and it is very
    hard on the eyes. Look, its like drugs, if you don't start, you don't have to
    9. Use the search for the @Asus guyz and others that catch your eye for their
    posts. This is the fast track to reviews, updates, how-to's and so, so many
    other subjects.
    10. Do not be to concerned with your english skills (unless you have them and don't
    use them, thats just rude.) but, if english is a second language or for whatever
    reason english wasn't your best subject in school (I am certainly no grammar
    expert and have no intention of ever becoming one.) DO NOT let that stop or even
    cause you hesitation from asking or posting in any way. I have found some
    amazing views from some that stumbled a bit with english, yet are simply
    talented and personally I consider this my short fall at not knowing their language.
    We will all loose if you dont share. (And as I pointed out above, More importantantly,
    I would feel as if I lose...Afterall, This is all about me, Remember..haha)
    11.Above All: Put a big smile on your face and relax. Whatever question you
    have are a few clicks on the keyboard away, and answered. (With a little patience.)
    Keep that smile on your face as you read and especially when you post. I think
    most you will find here will be smiling back. And Post, Ask..and offer.
    12. And Please be patient with everyone. Most are here on their dime. Working for
    free. Even those with the @Asus that are getting checks, if you read between the
    lines and start adding things up you will see...even they are here on their clock
    as much and many time more than most. It is truly, and I cant say this enough, I
    believe, about learning, growing and being the best it can be. ie: (Not to singe anyone
    out, because this is true I am sure of most of the @Asus guyz here.) But I noticed
    this in my travels here: Raja@Asus mentioned to another that "that when you handle
    over 1000 tech support requests per month, you learn to use word sparingly."
    (As you can see I haven't quite mastered that myself.) Yet, as you read and
    go about this forum...he and all the @Asus'r's are everywhere, tirelessly...WOW.
    And further believe this, The RogPolice are always watching.. < This smile might be them now!>
    A whole lotta selflessness go'n on here. A beautiful thing. Be proudly part of it.

    Let me take one more second:(Please Excuse Me Ladies, I mean no disrespect ever when
    useing terms suchs as brothers, guys, ect. as this is in no way intended as gender
    identification...if this were any other fox hole and someone with red and silver, like
    yours, jumped in, you wouldn't be concerned either as to gender. Ladies are, at all
    times respected, by me, above all men. Its the Arthurian way.) I think it a bit sexist
    on anyone's part to be offended, by such words, if they were.
    When will we all learn to be truly color/gender/your GOD/my GOD blind.
    (I was looking at your brain, the purity of your heart and your LIGHT, Sorry..hehehehe)

    As for me, I am here to learn and offer any help I can. And always when asked. It is my
    way. It is my pleasure. The bonus has been the rapport I have found with some
    genuinely like minded people. So, consider us now freinds. If there is anything you want
    to ask me. If there is the smallest of things you think I might be able to help with in the smallest of ways, or in some cases big ways, ASK !!!..yes, I shouted that, as to be
    perfectly clear. I promise you this, and anyone that really knows me will tell you, I will do
    my very best or point you in the direction of someone I sincerely think can.

    You will find this true of most you encounter here as you wade on in. Just be careful
    of those warm spots in the pool.
    (And..knock that stuff know who you are..hahaha)
    and see......have fun..we all like a good laugh.

    Sincerely Offered..
    Chrs Plmr Sr.

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