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    PC Won't Boot at all now*Crosshair V Formula*

    My new pc build that I have had for roughly now for a month will not even boot up,prior to it not booting the pc would run great for a few hour's and then shut off and restart it's self...well as the day's went on that got worse and worse and it started to happen quicker and quicker each time...Not it will not start at all even tho I can see the board light's are on tho..

    Can any one please tell me what is going on here?

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    Might be worth including a parts list and UEFI version used with your post.

    Clear CMOS, use a single memory module in the slot furthest from the CPU and see if the board will POST.


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    ok my parts are as listed

    X61100T CPU
    8gb corsair vengence
    1tb sata harddrive
    XFX hd radeon 6970
    Thermatake 750wat psu

    And had downloaded for the bios the 51 beta to see if it would fix some minor prob's I was having.

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    Before it completely died did you perform any diagnostics? Specifically I'm wondering if you were able to monitor the temperatures to see if anything was overheating?

    Just as a matter of troubleshooting I would take the machine apart and reseat everything including the CPU. You may have something loose or sometimes the process helps you notice something that is broken or wrong.
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