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Thread: Usb 3.0

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    Usb 3.0

    so i just upgraded to the seagate momentus xt and with it i bought a 16G usb 3.0 and to test it i have copy´d a folder back and forth its around 1.5G but the speed is so slow its down in kilobytes from time to time and never over 10MB what is going on.
    i have installed the intel usb 3.0 driver and the irst driven ( even though this one dont show up in uninstall)

    i hate to sound like such a noob but do i need to enable something like cude, pure video ? to get full use of graphics card.

    hope you can help once again

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    what model USB 16GB flash drive did you buy?
    a friend of mine bought a kingston 32GB USB 3.0 and it is slow as **** maxing out at 10-15MB/s in write,
    the read speed were a bit better.

    I got a Corsair Survivor 16GB USB 3.0
    it works flawlessly, max 40MB/s in write and max 80/85 read

    so it all comes down to, have you bought a crappy USB 3.0 flash drive?

    and does the folder you're copying filled with a bunch of small files? try to copy one large file to see 'the speed'
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    tx for the advice did try one big file it moved the file at over 100 MB but to move to the drive is only 10MB so iguess i have bought a crappy drive ;(

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    Depends on a few things, what speed the drive you transfer from, if its big files or many small files. Easiest would be for you to just test the drive with a program, insted of transfering files.

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    I think you need to acquire another USB 3.0 device test it on another computer to get a comparison, We did have some issues with usb 3 back in july - Sept 2012 but that seems to have settled in.
    You might try uninstalling the Asus Charger Plus from Program/Features, reboot twice, then reinstall it if you want or use it. Then reboot twice again. That solve the main problem we were have last summer of drives disconnecting and reconnecting in the middle of data transfers?
    My Patriot 32GB 3.0 thumb drive benchmarks at 96mbs but on large files only transfers real time at 35-45 mbs, Small files will transfer faster but large I mean 1gb +, small 100mb 500mb will transfer fairly quickly 70-90mbs, what I have found using external hard drives is that they will transfer just under the same speed that they would in installed in a computer. Pretty much the same a eSATA With eSATA being a little faster on average and lot more reliable connection.
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    I kind of had the same issue, i bought a USB 3.0 thinking it was fast because it stated "3.0" but it wrote files at 20mb/s -.- You have to find out what the write speed of the USB is. Here is a website I use to find a fast USB drive with 3.0. You have to do a bit of researching before buying a USB to find the read/write speed

    At the moment I have a 32gb SanDisk Extreme which has one of the fastest write speeds for a 32gb at around 111mb/s, I highly recommend that!

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