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    Locked Framerate (60 fps) why?

    Why do people argue with me all the time that I cannot possibly notice anything past 60 frames per second. I opened up eve online and the first thing I *****ed about was the lack of video response. I turned on my frame count and the game was obviously locked at 60. The help chat told me how to turn that off but it was pointless and a waste of GPU. Said I only imagine a difference. Yet the response time, and feel of the game, is totally different when I switch between the two functions. I might be young, I have 19 / 19 vision (or at least used too). But why do people INSIST I CANNOT POSSIBLY notice any difference. Drives me nuts!
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    we all have our opinion's.
    well it all comes down to the monitor you are using.
    lets say its a 60hz monitor/tv, whit that you will not get enny more then 60fps max, even how mutch you try.
    if you have a 144hz monitor you will get 144fps as max, and not more ( this is how mutch the monitor gives you ).
    lets say you have a TV that says you have a 1200hz refresh rate, but in the specs when you connect a pc you have 60hz, you will not get more then 60fps, befouse the "pc" on the tv takes that frame and flashes it several times so it comes up to 1200 times a sec. ( this is how i think it is ).
    ive been mailing back and forth to tv makers on refresh rate and ping from pc to tv, and i dont get enny smarter to so say.

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    Not sure about this, I know from my CoD 4 days that the FPS was locked at under 90FPS
    Now unlocking the FPS in CoD 4 (I used to play mine on 250fps) enabled you to do things in game that were not possible on sub 90fps settings (which is why a lot of servers would kick you if you were using fps settings over 125fps)
    An example was the concrete blocks, you couldn't just jump over them on sub 90fps, but over 150fps, you could jump over them without being hindered. It also enabled you to reach some places that you couldn't reach otherwise.

    I honestly don't know how having a higher fps rate in that game enabled you to jump higher, but it worked, and for a lot of people. Also, I haven't experienced a difference in any other games.

    I would like more info on the fps rate against hz as my monitor is a 60hz, yet I am able to get fps rates much higher than 60 (using fraps or ingame fps monitor its the same, on older games, I can get extremely high fps rates)

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    VSYNC (or V-sync) is shortform for Vertical synchronization.

    In video games, if you rapidly turn around, you will experience a phenomenon called 'screen tearing'.
    Imagine a pole in the game, and if you turn quickly, instead of the entire pole moving past your field of view, only the lower or upper half moves, while the other half stays there for a split second, and then moves away as well.
    This phenomenon is caused if your graphic card is working faster than the refresh rate of your monitor.
    Turning VSYNC on tells the graphic card to not produce updated imagery (frames) any faster than your monitor's screen rate (usually 60 - 75Hz; 120 Hz )

    ...thereby "dropping" the frames down to whatever your monitor's maximum display rate is, eliminating the screen tearing.
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    kkn...really informative! Thanks!
    I have Asus PA238Q and it has Signal frequency 50-75Hz specified in the manual
    but I only see two options 59Hz & 60Hz. I am happy with just 60hz...but it's just feels wrong that your monitor can't go higher than that...I like to brag about my PC specs to friends. Is there anything I am missing?...I am using Display port@ 1920x1080 native res

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    Fps monitoring software such as fraps, bandicam and msi afterburner measure the fps at the gpu/ driver so not the actual fps you're seeing on your monitor. I'm pretty sure thats how it works.

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    put on vsync and you get the FPS your monitor gives you.

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    Then why do we bother with 2 or 3 high end GPU's if we're limited to seeing 60FPS? We could get by with 1 medium priced one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BearCat View Post
    Then why do we bother with 2 or 3 high end GPU's if we're limited to seeing 60FPS? We could get by with 1 medium priced one.
    Because it depends on how demanding the game is at the resolution that you play. Take Crysis 3 for example. Say we play at 1080p (1920 x 1080) resolution with all the eye candy cranked up to the maximum. A GTX 670 would get you around 40-45FPS. That is far from achieving 60FPS. But if you run a GTX 670 SLI, then you would have no problem passing the 60FPS mark.

    If we were to run a less demanding game like Battlefield 3 at that same resolution with everything cranked up to the maximum, a GTX 670 would passed the 60FPS mark easily. Actually you would be getting something around 70FPS.

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