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    Ideal storage configuration on MAXIMUS V EXTREME

    Hi all.
    I am new in PC assembling (because i have not found a really good system in a shop)
    Now i startet with mi first system an i would like to get some advice in how i should configure
    my storage devices. I am a bit confused cause i dont know if it matters wich of the 6GB connector i use
    for the system drive the Z77 one or the Asmedia one ??? Where do i connect the Raid-drive?? Should i use the slower
    3GB connector for the DVD and the BlueRay writers?? So many questions....

    On the Motherboard - ASUS MAXIMUS V EXTREME - I have the following connectors

    2 pcs. Serial ATA 3.0GB/s connectors (7-pin SATA3G_1+2) on Intel Z77 (black)

    2 pcs. Serial ATA 6.0GB/s connectors (7-pin SATA6G_1+2) on Intel Z77 (red)

    4 pcs. Serial ATA 6.0GB/s connectors (7-pin SATA6G_E1+E2+E3+E4) on Asmedia (red)

    And the drives i want to plug in are,

    drive 1. (driveletter :Y ) Plextor DVD-writer PX-891SA

    drive 2. (driveletter :Z ) Plextor Blu-Ray-writer PX-B950SA

    drive 3. (driveletter :C ) SSD Samsung 840 Pro - 512GB

    drive 4 + 5. (driveletter D ) 2 pcs (in Raid 1) 3TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 - 64MB - S-ATA 6Gbps

    Can somebody advise me wich drive i should plug in wich connector to get the optimum
    out of that Motherboard

    Thanks for your help and let the good games roll.....


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