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    Quote Originally Posted by HiVizMan View Post
    LOL share with us all nikosa it is not secret.
    It was sometime in the morning (I don't quite remember 03:00 or 04:00). I was trying to come close to Flex's amazing Aqua score. I had done all my optimizations, tested many times and everything was absolutely stable and first time I felt that I had total control on the scores. I had find the golden setup for my H/W and I got 415000 points all the time -/+ some points, if I made some minor tweaks. I was ready to give up, because I couldn't imagine what was the extra thing that can give me 5000 extra points. Then I decided to go for a walk in BIOS, just to check everything again.
    This settings are of them, that my mind never gave second thought. I was saying, Ok it's some Intel stuff that do something but who knows, what really do. After that, I had a second thought. I thought that this thing, maybe it serves as a buffer to optimize some functions. Maybe in our case that we need something like fast streaming of DATA, acts as a brake.
    So, I disabled Hardware prefetcher, Adjacent cash line prefetch and something above them which serves as a protection for malicious code. Reboot, loaded tweaked driver, adjusted GPU OC and I gave it a run. First splash screen and my jaw hitted the floor. 420200 points!!! That was 5000 bonus by just turning one button. From that floor, yes, I could reach somehow 1000 points.... I used that to run one 3dmark also. Gave some extra points and I felt it flow better but nothing like Aqua. I didnt used it for wPrime, so I do not know if there is an effect there.

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