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    Chino: The problem is that I can't get it much above 5,3Ghz in windows with turboV. It doesn't get to hot, ambient around 10 C and huge cooler with 3x3000rpm fans Aha, I can always use the OC Key, then I can see temps, voltages and so on. And I didn't even have to give it that much Vcore then I've used before, I have probably used higher then I needed to before. It sucks so bad when 3dm11 crashes just the last 2 sec before the last test is done, vcore fixes that sometimes

    Damn, it boots with ease @5,7Ghz too. You sure this is not some bug? On M5E mobo of course

    Sure Henk I know what that is, use it for benching sometimes. If that wont work I'm sure if i boot into linux it'll be rock stable

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