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    Lou Chou

    Question G73H Suddenly Starting to Overheat


    Like 90% of G73 users out there I've had my fair share of GSOD issues. They seemed to be fixed with the 10.7a driver update. Recently, and somewhat stupidly, I disturbed that status quo by updating my drivers to 11.6, and since that point my base has been getting insanely hot during gameplay sessions. My screen then goes white with faint, coloured lines scattered around.

    Do I need to rollback to 10.7a again? Have there been no advancements in the remedy of GSOD problem that might allow me to keep current drivers without my video having poopy pants? I'm reading people mention a BIOS 213 update, does that cure fan issues?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Check the sticky list for the "GSOD Fix", and follow the instructions to update your video card BIOS. (vBIOS)
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