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    [Build Log] X7900D Corsair 900d with the First LED Midpanel

    Hey ROG and Welcome to My first build log

    Working Title for this project is x7900D because it is an x79 system in a Corsair 900d!

    i was fortunate to get the 900d form one of the first shipments from ******, This case is huge! i've never seen any case this big before in person!

    I got lucky with a lot of these parts, finding them on craiglist or **** for cheap.

    The Specs:
    Motherboard: Asus RIVE
    Processor: I7 3930k
    SSD- OCZ Vertex 4 256 x 2 in Raid 0
    PSU- Corsair ax1200
    Case- Corsair 900D
    Ram- Kingston Hyper x 1600mhz x 32GB
    GPUs- Evga Titans

    The Cooling:
    Coolgate 480 Rad
    Coolgate 360 Rad
    EK Supremecy
    EK Titan Blocks
    Ek 250 res
    Ek Res/Pump combo
    Switfech MCP655
    1/2" fittings
    a ton of Corsair AF and SP fans

    now for some pictures. This is my first time trying to take nice photos so please dont hate on me too hard. i used my bed sheet that is wrinkled and my iphone

    This case is massive!

    Now, i've always wanted a Asus Rampage board but i hate the red and black color scheme, i was so happy to see the Black RIVE only to find out it wasnt a production product, so i painted mine! i didnt get too deep into the RAM slots because they wouldnt be visible

    Heres the CPU

    Corsair AX1200- my Neighbor gave this to me for free!

    This is just half of the fans! i have a total of 17 fans i think?


    Coolgate 480

    SSDs, these already had the OS on them so i had to make sure i kept them in the right order

    Pump- this thing was way bigger than i thought (thats what she said )

    EK res

    and one of two Titans

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    Here is some more of my parts, now with wrinkled back drop and a better camera!

    Goodbye 690(S) Hello TITAN(S)

    EK Clear Plexi Water blocks for the Titans

    These things are shiny!

    EK Bay Res and Pump

    EK HF Supremacy Clear - i got anxious and mounted it before i took a photo

    Coolgate 360 Radiator

    Box full of Corsair SP120's High performance edition

    My New Photo Companion

    Photos together:

    Thats it for today, heres a teaser of whats to come:

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    ROG Enthusiast Array UltraHooligan PC Specs
    UltraHooligan PC Specs
    MotherboardRampage IV Extreme
    Processori7 3930k
    Graphics Card #1Asus GTX 670
    Graphics Card #2Asus GTX 670
    Storage #12x Samusung EVO 250GB (RAID 0)
    Storage #2Crucial 128BG (Games) + Intel 80GB (VMs) + 4x 3TBs (Mass Storage)
    CPU CoolerCorsair H100
    CaseHAF 932
    Power SupplySeasonic x-750
    Network RouterAsus DSL-AC68U

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    Mar 2012

    Ooh nice, a 900D/X79 build.. Looking forward to this (brings out popcorn).
    Case: Coolermaster HAF 932 | MB: Rampage IV Extreme | CPU: Intel Core I7 3930k @ 4.8Ghz | RAM: 16GB G.Skill Ripjaws 2133 | GPU: 2x Asus GTX670 DCII OC 2GB | HDDs: Samsung EVO 250GB + Crucial M4 128GB + Intel X25-M 80GB + 3x WD 1TB | ODD: Asus DRW-24B1LT | PSU: Seasonic X -750W | Cooling: H100 with SP120 Fans push/pull

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    First thing i did was Paint the RAM. This is a temporary soultion until i save up for Dominators.

    My color scheme is going to be black with a blittle white =]

    so i masked them up, and started priming

    Once dry i sprayed it with flat white

    I think it turned out pretty good =] using flat paint saves me all the time of sanding and respraying

    For the black dimms, i used my favorite paint ever, plasti dip! this stuff is awesome. in case you dont know aht it is , its platic rubbery paint that peels off when your done with it. so i masked the dimms up sprayed them with a couple coats of plastidip and peeled off what i wanted to show through.

    Thats it for this update, more to come!


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    i installed the front intake fans, Corsair AF120 Quiet Edition

    the cables are too short, ill have to fix these later

    I also installed the Corsair AX1200

    looks so far away!

    Next i mounted the EK bay res and pump combo.

    But it didnt fit ;(

    so for the first time this project, i busted out the dremel and my new Tungsten bit

    i had to route like a 1/4' more to fit it

    Thats better

    Next i made the plexiglass back plate for the SSD's

    Mounted the OCZ Vertex 4 SSD's and decided to Carbon wrap it, in white

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    While waiting for my acrylic cement to arrive, i sleeved the front panel and the ek res

    I used the lamptron tool to get the fan pins out, terrible for ATX pins but awesome for Molex and Fan pins

    before sleeve

    after sleeve

    I used MDPC sleeve, i've used many others before and i finally sprung and bought some. It really is the best out there. it may not be the tightest non-see through weave but if you're serious about sleeving you'll making your own cables anyways, or at least tape up the ones you've got

    oh and its thE best heatshrink i've ever used.

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    Ok so here it is! the major time consuming part of my build is finished! now it all should be smooth sailing.

    many of you may know what it is i've been building, but for those that dont, i'll let the pictures speak for themselves?

    first the how to:

    Start off by marking your measurements and clamp it down, measure twice cut once!

    After all that plexi cutting and aluminum cutting, a new disk is needed

    cutting metal generates a lot of heat. it actually melted my clamp!

    Now that the metal pieces are cut, i made a stencil for the remaining layers and transferred it to the plexi. this layer is frosted

    uh oh storm clouds! tornado watch for my area last night


    got anxious and didnt even take the tape off! i needed to know it worked right away!

    And now i present to you, my illuminated mid panel for the 900d!!!!!

    not that this is done all thats left is the loops, sleeve some more plexi and overclocking, them finally game time!

    thank you

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    looking great, gona be an avsome build, and all ready is
    (PS: post 6 and 7 dubble post )

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    looks great cant wait to see finished product...

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    UPDATE Time.

    things are starting to finally come together, i had a good bit of time this weekend to sit down and crank out the work!

    First copied my template over to the white plexi and cut it out. i also marked and cut holes for the cables

    Once that was complete, it was time to cut the black plexi piece, so i transferred the template over. and scored it

    but when i went to snap it it broke :doh:

    so now that piece is ruined. but not to fear i have an idea to get me close to where i wanted to be!

    so i did some masking

    and bought out my trusty friend PLASTI DIP!!! i love this stuff

    tacked it up

    layer 2

    layer 3,4,5,6!

    peeled the tape off, and there ya go! not exactly how i had it planned but until i take the measurements and what not for the black plexi piece, this will do.

    oh in the mean time while the paint was drying, i decided to redo the ssd panel. the carbon got all dirty and i wasnt happy with the cuts


    I also tackled most of the sleeving! i originally wanted to use heatshrink, as i think if you can pull it off perfectly it looks the best. but after many tries, my hat goes off to you all who use heatshrink, it is so hard to get a consistent and uniform look for it even with the tools!

    so i went the shrinkless route

    4 pin cpu

    8 pin and 4 pin cpu together

    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt=" photo DSCF0605_zps24d0fdd7.jpg"/></a>

    24 pin

    getting close!

    [SPOILER=Warning: Spoiler!][/SPOILER]

    and i leave you for now with some extra led panel bonus picks

    and of course

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