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    Cool ASUS G55VW mSATA Install (Crucial m4 128GB mSATA) and CPU/GPU RE-PASTE TODAY!

    Hello to all,
    I figured I would let you guys in on what I am about to do with this beautiful laptop I just paid a grand for 3 weeks ago. Ever since I purchased it, I knew that at some point I would need to open it up, do thermal re-pasting, cleaning, and an install with a Micro PCI express SSD. My SSD has arrived in the mail, so now it is time to get down to bussiness!
    I am going do my best to chronicle this entire process, while doing it solo. I plan to be methodical, clean, and successful! Currently I am posting this message on my laptop, but all of my future posts (concerning this topic) will be done from my tablet as I go through the process. (Kindle Fire... thanks mom!) With each step, I am using sketches, pictures, and labels etc. to make sure that everything comes apart well, and goes back the same.
    To give you an idea of what I am working with for tools etc Here is a list:

    Tools (not a complete list, these are some specialty tools needed for re-pasting etc.)

    1. 11in x 17in charprint 920h tracing paper (for recording screw positions, etc)
    2. Arctic Silver Thermal Solutions and paste (see below for details)
    3. Magnetic tipped philips-head screwdriver, multiple other spatula and prying materials, (guitar picks are GREAT for this)
    4. Coffee filters*** to assist with thermal surface purification. (I recommend you read this PDF that was included with the "Arc tiClean" Products.)


    1. ASUS G55VW-DS71 Model: G55V MB Ver. :G55VW ID:1A BIOS: G55VW.217 (cpu-z) DATE: 11/05/2012
    Core i7-3610QM @ 2.3GHZ, Nvidia GeForce GTX660M Revision A2 2048MG GDDR5, 750GB WD Scorpio Black HDD, 12GB Hynix PC3-12800 (3 x 4GB, factory RAM), Hitachi-LG DVD Re-Writer Model GT51N. Windows 7 x64 Home Premium. (Also factory, upgraded to Windows 8 Pro using the "upgrade" method.)

    2. Crucial 128GB m4 SATA 6Gb/s mSATA SSD. (

    3. Céramique™ 2 Non-Conductive Thermal Paste (

    So this is basically to give you an idea of what I am working with. After I finish this post I will be shutting down my new baby and begin to tear her apart! Stay posted for pictures, updates, gripes, and lots of my rambling!


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