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    Problems when overclocking i5 6600k with asus z170 pro gaming


    Since yesterday i have been encountering an odd problem. I decided to overclock my PC.

    Bios and chipset are all uptodate from asus website.

    I am running Windows 10 with latest update.

    So i turn xmp for my ram so it goes to 3200mhz.. and i overclock the cpu to 4.4 with 1.3 in voltage.

    Stress testing the cpu with prime95 for a couple of hours didnt give any problems with temperature reaching 82 degrees celsius.

    The problem occurs when i restart the pc ( cold boot)... it boots and when i windows none of my keyboard or mouse works for like 15 seconds..then i hear the windows USB connect disconnect sound. The keybkard and mouse will work then..and when on the desktop..both my screen have the same wallpaper . So i right click to customize the second screen wallpaper but windows doesnt let me to apply to monitor 1 or monitor 2... it justvwamt to apply it to both screenn

    When OC is turned off i have no problem with windows.

    I tried several multpliers (43, 44, 45) and voltages (1.295-1.35)... same problem at reboot..

    i also tried disabling the Ram OC and just kept the CPU OC...same problem

    Thank you for your help... i ran out of ideas

    PS: i also posted this udner PCMR subreddit

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