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    Quakecon over but I'm not ready to turn in :)

    Quakecon is over now, though the B.Y.O.C. is not closed, I've decided to move my system up to my room and bring up the sun. This years build is a refit of last years quakecon build with newer parts.

    i7 2600K 5GHz 1.5v
    Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z
    Asus GTX 580 Direct CU II
    4 GB Corsair Dominator GTX2
    Corsiar Force Series 60GB SSD
    Antec Mini P180 White
    Antec TP Quattro 1000w PSU
    Custom water loop featuring Swiftec & XSPC

    Asus you were greatly missed this year. Now it's time for some more super street fighter IV
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos IMG_0702.jpg  



    » i7 990X 3101A239
    » Asus Rampage III Black Edition
    » Asus GTX 470 & 570 Tri-SLI or Three Sapphire 5850's CFX
    » 6GB Corsair Dominator GT TR3X6G1866C7GTF
    » Corsiar Force Series 180GB
    » CORSAIR Professional Series AX1200 1200W
    » Microcool Banchetto 101
    » G74SX » 16GB ram » Corsiar Force Series 180GB » 750GB Seagate » Blu-ray

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    DOPE, i love the D3 keyboard and headset! hahah

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