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    microsoft fail on E3

    on E3 microsoft played the games on PC in stead of the new xboxone.
    they made it so it looked like it was on console when it was on high end pc's.

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    Graphics Card #1Sapphire HD7970 OC VaporX
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    Storage #1Samsung SSD 850EVO 250gb
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    CaseCoolerMaster HAF 932 modified
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    To me its the only way they are going to sell any of their consoles.

    Kinect in the bundle (no choice)
    Have to have the console connected to the internet to play even the solo games.

    Never was a console fan, I'm even less of one now lol

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    Let's play the Hidden Object Game! I spy with my little eye an Asus P9X79 Pro, Corsair H100i and Corsair 650D. Can someone ID the GPU? It looks like a reference model.

    So the new Xbox One is powered by Asus? LOL

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    MonitorSamsung SyncMaster SA300
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    CPU CoolerCorsair A50 Pro Air Cooler
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    Keyboard Alienware TactX Keyboard
    Mouse Tesoro Gandiva H1L
    OS Win7 Ultimate x64
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    All they let on, was it was a 700 series card lol. I find it highly amusing that XBOXONE is supposed to have it's OS based around Windows 8, yet the "DevKit" is based upon Windows 7 LOL!!! guess even Microshaft hates Win8.

    BTW reason for pic, was due to VGA Crashing To surprise there since the "devkits" are closed up in small cabinets generating a tonne of heat -.-

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