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    It is documented in the MH6 manual, though not clearly - you have to know how to interpret it. Section 1.7.9 number 7. Where the rightmost fan header pin says PWM, it is PWM a controlled header. Where it says 5V, it is voltage controlled header, regardless of how many pins the header has. s. The fan header description is probably the same for other motherboard manuals, so look for this.

    Not documented for the MH6, the CPU fans can be either voltage controlled or PWM controlled. There is a micro switch on the CPU fan header that detects whether you have a 3 pin or 4 pin fan plugged in. If it is 3 pin, it is voltage controlled, if 4 PWM. The CPU OPT fan control - voltage or PWM - follows whatever the CPU fan header detects. Only a select few MB have the micro switch.
    In the Maximus IV Gene-Z it's documented as "CPU_FAN_PWM" signal on ALL the Fan headers 4th pin.. both in the latest .pdf and the printed manual.. I wonder what it means?
    Are all the headers are indeed PWM controlled? or just an error ?

    I hope someone can answer that after actually verifying what is the correct answer?
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