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    Red face Asus Xonar DX + Denon AVR 3313 - Pro Tweaks Recommendations

    Good evening ROG members,

    I have been referred here by Bradley (Asus - Facebook Support).
    At the moment of my initial contact with Asus Support - i was asking what s the best audio connection between my pc (xonar dx) and the Denon AVR-1713.
    (I am proud to say that i have changed my mind and have purchased in the end the 3313 model.)

    My conclusion was that SPDIF connection is the best. The cable that i am using is this one : Toslink-to-Optical

    I come to you to try and setup (as best as possible) the Xonar DX.

    Currently i have made these settings :

    1 have two problems, and i want to ask you (audio enthusiasts) how to "solve" them

    1. When i try and setup a 5.1 channel speaker configuration and run the sound test from the Xonar Frame - i only hear the Front Speakers (the center / subwoofer / surround speakers are mute)

    2. When i run DTS (full hd) movies or classic DVDs - i change the Sample rate to 48 KHz - should i not do that ???

    I look forward to you software suggestions and other hardware tweaks.

    PS. This is my 1st post/thread here...

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