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    Need Help Going Past 4.67 GHz

    Hi , I seem to hit a wall at 4.67 (133 x 35). If i use a slower multiplyer, say 24 and crank up the blck. I still cant go past 4.7GHz. Im running BIOS Ver 1401. I can get into windows 7 with a higher multiplyer but when i push my system with prime95 - it crashes. My temps are in the 50's when pushed at 4.6GHz. I'm using the followning settings.....

    CPU Core , QPI/Dram and CPU PLL are set to 1.55
    Ram is 1600 @ 1.65 Volts with 9/9/9/24 - 2T
    Load Line set to full
    Disabled both Spread Spectrum
    Disabled C1E, Virtual Tech, CPU TM, A20m, C-State and Speedstep

    Everything else is default and/or Auto

    I would like to keep all cores on.

    Are there any other settings i need to set for stability?
    Do I just need to run more voltage?

    For the people that use LN2 Do you do anyting in the BIOS other then just raw voltage?

    System Specs:

    | ASUS Rampage Extreme IV | Core I7 3930k @4.9GH z | ATI 5870x2 | 32GB Gskill 4x8 |
    | Corsair 1200 PS | Coolit Boreas | OCZ Revo 3 | ASUS 27" x 3 |

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