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    Hey guys we are live at PAX, be sure to check out Republic of Gamers' live stream here:

    Hey guys, if you haven't already seen the banners, ASUS will be at PAX PRIME coming up in less than a month. Our partners for PAX PRIME are CyberPower, IBUYPOWER, Digital Storm, Falcon Northwest, and NewEgg!! They will be demoing their systems in our booth but they are also GIVING AWAY THEIR SYSTEMS TO THE ROG COMMUNITY! Be sure to check out the page below for more info.

    • If you happen to attend PAX PRIME this year, be sure to stop by our booth and check out our latest G74 and G53 notebooks, ROG powered desktops, ROG headsets, and components. Plus be one of the first to get your hands on our new "Dual GPU" graphics card, take our racing simulator for a spin, and win some awesome prizes.

    • We also plan to have some live streaming of our extreme overclocking with V2-V3 and The Nemesis

    *Will keep everyone updated on photos and videos!

    Cyberpower system winner: John Miller

    Digital Storm system winner: Conner Dugan

    Falcon Northwest system winner: In-Jaul Tan

    IBUYPOWER system winner: J.R. McDowell

    Newegg System winner: Lance Schroeder

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