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    g750JX - Screen ? Audio?

    Got my JX version from Amazon. I don't like the matte screen. It almost looks like you're looking through a greasy screen,
    or like there's some sort of shimmer. What do you guys think about this? Are there other laptops out there with better screens and
    similar specs? I guess I'm used to my new DELL 27 inch high rez screen that I edit photos on that I use with my desktop PC. I
    just tried out the audio headphone jack. There's all sorts of noise and distortion that sounds like it's coming from the
    computer electronics. If this were any other laptop, I'd say, "Ok, it doesn't have an external sound card", But ASUS advertised this as having an amplified headphone jack with GREAT audio. I called tech support and they told me it's probably a hardware
    issue, but I can try to update the driver which I am currently downloading. Anyone else have these issues or concerns? How
    does your headphone out sound? The audio quality is not nearly as good as my soundblaster card in my desktop, nor is it as
    good as the integrated audio on my ASUS desktop motherboard from 2009.

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