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    Corsair 540 Fan Configuration?

    Hi Guys, I'm thinking of buying the new Air 540 but one of the things I'm concerned about is noise. My current PC sounds like a engine revving right next to me (slight exaggeration there ;P) and so I was wondering how I could set up my fans for maximum quietness. I've noticed that many people have 3x120mm on the front intake and I was wondering if this will be too noisy? I'll be using a H100i and corsair fans due to their availability. I was also thinking of controlling the fans via AISuiteII on the Maximus VI Hero.

    Thanks guys!


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    When shopping for case fans, there are two factors that you must take into consideration: airflow and noise. Airflow is measured in CFM and noise in dBA. So the winning formula is high CFM and low dBA.

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