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    Formula IV crosshair + T1100 + eyefinity: buy 2x9750 or 7970 platinum?

    Hi all,

    i hope the title says it all... well actually lets give you full info.

    I want to upgrade for future eyecandy games such as Project cars, Battlefield 4, Assetto Corsa, etc.
    Main issue is that i have 3x27inch monitors in eyefinity running 5870x1080 resolution and i am not
    happy with current 6870 crossfired on some of the games. I want sh*t maxed out if possible cause
    thats how i wonna roll

    I dont have budget to upgrade CPU (AMD T1100) and i dont care to upgrade my motherboard Formula IV crosshair.
    All cable management is done and i am not touching anything on this sucker until at least a year from now.

    I guess most of you would say that two 7950CF (Club3D RoyalKing) would be the way to go but i have a used deal to get my hands on a cheap platinum 7970. However it will probably bottleneck with my CPU, no?

    Let me ease you the answer with a question list:

    1) Which card you recommend for Triple monitor setup out of the options above?

    2) Is there a better solution to my problem? maybe 2 x 7870?

    3) In theory speaking, if i would upgrade the CPU on Formula IV crosshair, which CPU is much better?

    4) Is my 850 WATT powersupply enough to power all options?

    5) In case you recommend to get the cheap platinum 7970, for future crossfire, keep in mind that its tripleslot
    and probably wont fit my formula IV.

    6) Or would it?

    Thanks folks... pls reply ASAP. I want to know what to do since i already sold one 6870 and selling the other 6870 tomorrow. Then i need a new solution quickly. THANKS
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    great answers.... thanks. omfg

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    I think the reason no one responded is because they have no way of providing you with honest and accurate advise.

    For a start there is not enough information about your current set up, how much memory does your system have. Memory is key to such large screen real estate.

    And without doubt your CPU is going to be the bottle neck. Would say it is a bottleneck at the minute with your current set up. So not sure how adding or upgrading a graphic card is really going to make much difference.

    What I am surprised at is that the AMD guys have not even responded at all. So for that I am offering an apology.

    I really like the CPU by the way, I have one and they are like gold on ebay. You would get pretty much your purchase price for one I have found if you listed it.

    I would not be able to offer advice as to which AMD CPU will be the best way forward as I do not game with AMD. I have gone over to Intel for gaming.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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    Sorry ParisHilton, I'm not around much anymore and I can't believe the other AMD Guru's haven't come around ether... HiViz has a few points there that are extremely important. My thoughts are since your going with the CHIVF to keep the 1100t because I also noticed a Major improvement from the 965Black to that one on both the CHIVF and the CHVFT. Here is a list of what you should do and yes the 7970 is one hell of a Card but if you can get 2 in CF.

    Well here it goes....

    1) CRosshair IV Formula
    2) the Phenom II 1100t you have already.
    3) 1000w GOOD Quality PSU (With AMD/ATI Cards this is a Necessity because of the Power they Draw).
    4) Minimum 8gigs of DDR3 1600 or 1866(You'll Have to OC for this Speed)
    5) 2 ATI Radeon HD 5870's (Which can be purchased really cheap on eBay Right Now as well as the HD5890(Dual GPU)) Reason being that yes all the newer Tech in the 7970's is really nice but with the 5870/5890's you'll have a lot less of a Bottle Neck and get just as goo performance out of them with your Eyefinity plus from some benchmark sites-they show you have to go all of the way up to the 6970 just to equal performance of the 5870 but even then the 6970's and up draw a LOT more Power than the 5870. Here's a link from ebay for the current Pricing:

    I hope this has helped some.

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