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    Just an idea for a chromebook.

    Basically, add video input(hdmi), flip keyboard into an external keyboard, flip mousepad into external mouse(pad).

    So you can use your laptop as a external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Hook up a raspberry pi or simular devices. Hook up to a monitorless server and get it back into booting etc.

    Like a swiss army knife of laptops.

    How it would work. Id suggest a physical switch that puts the laptop bits into regular laptop mode and input mode.
    The keyboard and mousepad would be part of an internal usb hub when switched into input mode, that would have its own usb port to hook up to external devices. You could throw in a real usb hub here aswell for more usb ports to you external device. Selection of video input im not sure wich is most broadly used, i think hdmi is still on top, throw in a few converters, or let the customer aquire them.

    So there you have it, a on the cheap notebook that can turn into a external monitor, keyboard, mousepad directly interfacing with headless devices, no longer forcing you to locate a seperate monitor keyboard and mouse to start hacking or troubleshooting on headless devices.

    Scenario, server wont boot, it has a video out, but its located in a cramped server room and mounted in a fashon that would require a lot of time to unmount, relocate and hook up to start troubleshooting. Bam one usb cable and an hdmi(with lets say a dvi converter). Fix the server boot issue on the spot.

    Scenario 2, traveling hacking on DIY projects, at confrences or at a family members house, lunchbreak at work whatever. Keep working on your projects on the go.

    A chromebook for the techy students and the like!
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