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Thread: Thanks to all

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    Thanks to all

    Long time Republic of gamers Hardware user, 1st time poster.
    I'm sorry if posting this here in the mobo thread, is the proper place to make this thread but Im sure a moderator will move it to where its best suited..

    Any ways Im a proud owner of the beautiful Crosshair V formula mobo. I been banging my head trying to figure all these problems out. Well I stumble across this site and all the problems and all the help from the fellow members kinda blew my hat off!

    My problems have not arose sense reading all the users input.

    My hat goes off to all that has helped. Thank you.

    Crosshair v
    Amd 1090T @ 4.1GHz
    Muskin 2x2 Ridgebacks @ 1600MHz 6-8-6-15-25 1T
    Heatkiller V3.0 water block
    Gigabyte HD 6990
    Corsair HX850
    Ocz Vertex II 60Gb ssd
    and all tucked away into a Corsair 650D case

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    Well welcome on board...pun intended... glad to have you here..
    any questions or anything you dont see..just ask..someone, just like you
    but maybe knows there way around here a bit more, will be by straight away
    to help out...
    Fantastic News...

    Dont run off just yet though, now the fun has just gotten started...c.

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    Glad to hear you found the forums helpful before even registering! Welcome to the ROG Forums.
    New member? Introduce yourself here, learn a little of what we are about here, and refer to some simple rules here.
    Though typically not required or enforced, here is a list of guidelines on proper forum etiquette.
    [Work in progress]
    The Crosshair GENE will come! - Show your support HERE!

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    If we may ask ? What Probs were you experiencing ?
    1100 BE Liquid Cooled, CHV, 16Gig Corsair Vengeance 1866 @ 2032, two ASUS ATI 3870's liquid cooled O.C.ed to 890Mhz, 3 Velociraptor 500G in raid 0, ocz SSD boot drive, 1200W Thermaltake P.S.

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