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    Gene V Z77 with Thermalight 120 Extreme.


    Just got my new parts.
    The i7 2700k
    Asus Maximus Gene V Z77
    (for now)

    Will my old Thermalight 120 Extreme fit the motherboard orientated to blow on the left like in a normal case and not hit the first slot / videocard ?

    Already got the adapter plate for my cooler.

    The only picture i found is this (same orientation i want to use)

    And it says
    There’s only 1.2cm space between video card PCB and Thermalright HR-02

    The HR-02 is L (110 mm) x W (140 mm) X H (160 mm)
    The 120 Ex is L (132 mm) x W (63 mm) x H (160,5 mm)

    So also by 'eye' and numbers, am i safe ?

    Thank you.

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    That is the correct orientation, you always want your heat blowing out of the 120mm extraction fan at the top of the case.

    And 1.2cm is huge margin. No seriously, with some coolers we actually put electrical tape on the edges of the fins to protect them.
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