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    How can i record my voice when i make gameplay videos?

    So i like to make gameplay videos of me playing online. and i want to be able to record my voice so my audience on youtube can hear me interacting with the other players on mics if you know what i mean.. (especially when hilarious things happen).. so the game capturer can't record the audio that goes through my turtle beach when i talk, so i know i have to record my voice with something else as im playing the game (like a Snowball or even my smart phone..) then when im done recording everything, i can just add my audio clip to the video and match them up.. buut i can't do that because when i record my audio, you can hear EVERY button i press on my controller and it's very annoying. it's not that i button mash, or press the buttons way to hard. i've made sure of it... but its just cause the audio recorder picks up the sound of the controller loud and clear. is there anything i can do?? how to gamers on youtube (people who play cod and stuff) have such perfect audio of their voice without being able to hear the buttons on their controller? please help! thanks.

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    what program are you using now to record?
    you have fraps, msi afterburner,+++
    for pure streaming you have

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    Camstudio is great. It can record either from your sound card or your microphone. The only downside is it can be a bit buggy setting it up.

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    My guess on how they are able to record it so perfectly is due to them commenting after they filmed the clip, meaning no buttons heard. The other case is headsets, certain headsets take up sounds around them while others are focused just on the user.
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