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    Post We need a TUF mitx to round up the Family!


    I have always been a big fan for the TUF series motherboards Asus rolls out every year. i thought the TUF brand was a very cool idea and recently the Mitx form factor has gotten alot of attention. I was wondering if Asus would make a TUF for the mitx. The idea of having a TUF mitx is pretty nice as you can easily monitor real time temperatures without buying extra probes that come with a fan controller which most likely will populate a 5.25 inch bay which is a lot of space in a Mitx Case.
    In a Mitx enclosure, it will most likely get pretty hot as everything is very close together and getting some airflow through a cramped build is difficult. The TUF components are more than suited for high operating temperatures and the addition of an assist fan blowing onto the motherboard will further increase lifespan and reliability of the board.
    The Dust defenders will also come in handy as in a Mitx, there are wires everywhere in a Mitx Case and if your using huge tower coolers like the NH-D14, cleaning the build is gonna be a problem. Dust is gonna build up in the unused slots and ruin it. The dust defenders will be perfect for this scenario.

    I hope Asus will consider this idea.

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