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    Figured I'd post a quick update on the second issue as well, the temps.

    While they've been far from dangerous values I suppose (even though I didn't like how fast Prime95 was raising temps and thus cut it off early), I've been playing games without going over 62 max, normally hovering at ~55ish with temps of 40-44 when just doing things in windows like watching twitch/youtube. The latter is more worrisome to me, because that seems to be to very high just from doing stuff like that. However, I borrowed a thermometer and checked my ambient temps and it seems my room is at ~28C which is quite a bit higher than my approximation in the earlier post. Do the temps sound somewhat normal considering the ambient temp?

    And a "tl, dr":
    Ambient temp: ~28C
    Idle temp: ~35-40C
    Watching youtube/twitch: ~40-44C
    Playing games: ~55-62C
    Sound normal considering the ambient temp?

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