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    For maximum stability testing with Prime95 memory to use (Custom setting) should equal the amount of free system memory. This amount can be seen in Task Manager.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollywood View Post
    I updated my bios for the hero to the new uCode 10. Located here:

    Rename it as M6H.CAP, put it on a USB flash drive, and use the USB BIOS Flashback feature on the back of your board.

    I'm lininput_xeon64 stable (100c+ throttling) and 7 hours of AIDA64 (85c load, no throttle) at 44x @ 1.25v.
    So this custom bios is better for OCing than the stock 711?

    MicroCode 10 update must be the update that Intel released to stop overclocking on non-Z87 boards. Maybe there are other tweaks too since your overclock improved.

    Here's link to the thread:

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