View Poll Results: Which bag is best for carrying the G74?

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  • Slappa MASK High Five

    13 14.94%
  • Everki Beacon

    15 17.24%
  • Targus XL

    35 40.23%
  • Other (Please specify below)

    24 27.59%
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    This is what I ended up getting...

    It doesn't fit into the notebook sleeve but fits in that section of the backpack and the bottom is still padded, I don't carry it around often so this works OK for me and has plenty of space. If you plan on taking the G74 everywhere then I probably wouldn't get it simply because the corners of the G74 are right up to the zipper.
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    I own the Everki bag, and after having a close call with a near-fall to the concrete after some evasive driving... I chose to switch to the Slappa Kiken. I don't know about the MASK, but I absolutely love my Kiken and it holds my G73JW quite nicely. If you like a messenger-style bag, the Kiken is awesome. Otherwise I'd probably go with the MASK.

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    What about the Targus Voyager Backpack ? if not whats the best backpack for the G74 ?
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    It's a tight fit for the Everki Beacon, but you can get it to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arbison View Post
    I just did some research I notice the G74 is slightly larger than the G73
    The G74 does not fit the slappa mask high five, just off. I have asked them if they have anything else that fits
    The Evereki beacon does not fit the G74 according to specs but I see the Evereki titan check does fit
    If the targus xl does not have enough padding that is a big problem... the G74 really needs decent protection
    I found this thread while doing some Google research and would like to add some more info. I originally had bought the Everki Beacon backpack but the G74 won't fit properly, its a very tight squeeze. After reading this thread I decided to pull the trigger and buy the Everki Titan 18.4" backpack. This backpack is massive! It does fit the G74 nicely in a dedicated compartment w/ good padding, it also fits my CM SF-19 Strike Force Notebook Cooler! and still has lots of room for all my other cables and accessories. I would recommend this backpack to anyone with a G74.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows if the Ogio Squadron backpack will fit the g74. Ogio claims the squadron fits "most" 17'' laptops but I know that the g74 isn't like "most" laptops. Anyways it would be sweet if it fits because the bag is very cool looking.
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    My Asus G74SX-DH73-3D came with a Asus ROG backpack. It fits everything nicely. Not sure if this is what its offically called. But it says Asus on the front and ROG.

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    This is the bag that comes with the G74 (if you don't buy it at Best buy - which I don't recommend)
    However mine says ASUS on the front, it fits snugly and is good construction and comfortable to wear but not much room for other devices. Here are some others,

    This one will defiantly protect it - but no room for other stuff,

    I have wondered about this bag,
    but it appears to be poor quality, anyone have this bag?

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    I am debating between the inexpensive Targus XL and the expensive Everki Titan

    I plan an around the world trip for about a year or more. I plan on walking alot, possibly with the backpack, so I really want a good amount of padding not just for the laptop but for my shoulders and back. It will be very much filled at times. The weight isnt an issue.
    The G74 is not the most travel friendly laptop due to size but very happy with the puchase and it doesnt feel like it weighs much, so just a backpack issue.

    I got the Targus XL messenger bag and it has no padding really. Not worth mentioning anyway.
    I sadly cant find a store that sells the Targus XL backpack so that I can test it
    Basically what I would like to ask here, for those who like the Targus XL
    1) I hear some people say the laptop barely fits into the laptop compartment, will I really have to fight a little to zip it up? I prefer not to have the laptop pushing against the zipper.

    2) How is the padding of the XL for the shoulder straps and back?
    I assume its more padded than the Messenger back strap which isnt really at all, but how much padding? I really didnt like the cutting of the messenger strap into me, but I loved the feel of the Everki Beacon when I weighed it down and put it on.

    Anyway, it sounds like I shouldnt care about saving $100 but I hate to spend on overkill, and the Targus looks like its slightly bigger than the Everki Titan also, which is useful, meaning less to hav to put in a second backpack that will be worn frontways.

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    Anyone seen the Everki Titan? It looks perfect, but quite pricy... Considering I now have this laptop loaded the protection would be worth is. Has room for everything and up to a spot For my Asus Prime I have on preorder!

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