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    Questions & concerns about downgrading Windows 8.

    I posted this same message in another topic I'm new to forums & somebody said a slick comment so here it is in the right place. So anyway I bought my ASUS G75VW, my first ASUS ever & I fell in love with it. Problem is it has Windows 8. Windows 8 is pure garbage & a useless OS. A piece of Crap! I hate it with a passion worst thing Microsoft ever put out but that's just me. My opinion. As you can tell I am very frustrated & irritated by the OS and I am desperately wanting to downgrade and wipe any trace of Windows 8. Now this is my issue that leads to my questions and concerns. I am very old school so I want Windows XP Professional in my ASUS G75VW. i know how to downgrade that's easy no need for you guys/gals to explain that part.

    My questions are, is it safe to downgrade to Windows XP Professional From Windows 8 & are their any drivers that I can find for my G75VW to work with Windows XP Professional?

    My 2 concerns are if it'll run as smooth & have the same power for gaming?

    I don't want windows 7 but if i got no other option then i guess that'll have to do.
    i know windows 7 has a windows xp theme which is fine enough.

    Thanks in advance, I am just tired of Windows 8 crashing 24/7 & constantly cutting-off songs playing in my iTunes whenever it feels like it. I appreciate all the feedback, support, & help anyone gives me, I am all ears, or eyes to read, or so to speak. Thanks again.

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    This thread will show you the way. I think just about every situation has been solved here.
    If your old school read carefully, these notebooks come set up with UEIF GPT disk/SSD's they are not handled the same as BIOS MBR disk were.

    I don't know that there are working drivers anywhere for XP and G75's
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    II guess I have no choice but to go with windows 7. tthats fine anything but windows 8 will do. thanks peeps.

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