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    Phantom 410 MOD - Project Log

    Welcome! This is a Project Log by jompenleet.

    This project is closing soon and iam starting a NEW PROJECT in a Phantom 820 case.

    The upcoming project will contain more reviews, pictures & tutorials.

    First i would like to thank all my sponsors

    I will be using the following from MNPCtech

    24" x 12" Acrylic Sheet (Smoked)

    24" x 12" APPLY 3M Di-Noc CARBON FIBER FILM

    MNPCTech long sleeved shirt in XL.

    120mm grill Cable fan guard. This will only be used to locate where to drill holes for extra fans.

    U-channel molding about 8ft. Only to try if it improves the look of the side panel.

    24" x 12" Modders Mesh sheet round hole 60% airflow Might use alot of this

    4x Silver Anodized Case Thumbscrew's 6/32 thread

    2 x Cable Management Grommet 1-1/2" Inner diameter 2-3/8" Outter diameter

 supplied me with all the sleeving, cable ties & shrink tubes you'll see in this project

    Timwill's graphical designer helped me design all the logo's and stickers you'll see in this project

    This picture is one of the most recent
    Though i recommend you to check the last page in the thread for more pic's

    Here is the original state of the NZXT Phantom 410 case. (Just moved the components of my old OEM computer into the case)..

    Got a new Motherboard + processor + cpu cooler (Scythe Grand Kama Cross)

    After getting some new fans Xigmatek 1253 & a new fan to the cpu cooler Xigmatek XAF Series 140mm

    it looks like this.

    Interior before cable sleeving and cable management.

    Here i actually cut a whole in the side of the case to give it a bigger window.. And i forgot to take pictures sorry.
    Here's a link to the tutorial i followed to be able to do this!
    :thumb:Thank's alot to MNPCtech for the really informative tutorials on case mods!! :thumb:

    Interior after hardmod sidepanel + psu cover & fully sleeved cables.

    Tell me what u think!
    P.S Im still waiting for my stormtrooper sticker & white LED tubes for the case
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    Nice cable management! Make some graphics decal for the PSU white box...and I just love Big window side panel...I hope someday I will be able to cut one for my storm trooper case...Great job man!

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    Got sick of the orange LED fans so i decided to modify them abit..

    First i took apart the case and looked around for fans laying around..

    Found some!

    case without fans :-(

    Xigmatek F1253 and F1450 i think?

    Cleaning the fans for the paint to stick

    Safety first! (if u ignore this ur fans may not spin at all)

    Removing the LED's

    close up look..

    Fans on top of the case

    Scythe grand kama cross CPU cooler after painted the fan

    overall look

    Still waiting for stickers and Cold cathodes!

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    Got me some watercooling now.

    And some new dust filters (the old ones sucked)

    Made a Hole in the PSU cover for the GPU Cables
    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    Also painted the Chassi details in Glossy White

    Got two identical NZXT 140mm fans for the top (had too look symmetric)
    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    Water cooling in place

    So what the case currently looks like.. Ill be getting some more parts next week.

    P.S Also installed some Revoltec Cold Cathodes....

    So i got some new stuff that my friend at timwill clothing drew for me..
    He also had some contacts to be able to make it in this frosty nice look :-)

    Here we are applying a new sticker to the acrylic side


    Also got me some custom made fan stickers, drawn by David @ Timwillclothing

    sticker on the modded 120mm xigmatek fan

    stickers on the modded 140mm NZXT fans
    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]


    I do have some other things waiting to be done with this case (otherwise i wouldnt have this blue led still in there)..
    Check back soon and see what has happened!

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    Ok so i got me some new stuff.. More paint(oil based high glossy hobby paint as usual), cable management items & some velcro tape.

    So. Take the case apart for starters.. Here iam removing the mesh from the trim

    Ok! Done for now. I also removed the heatsinks of my Corsair Vengeance DDR3 kit. (this mod is still in beta phase. I do not recommend you to do this yet, since i don't know how stable this mod is) since painting heatsinks could isolate the heat back into the ram chips. Though i will be using 2 extra thin layers of oil based paint for this test.

    Decided to go nuts with the spray can on all the black details of the case and ddr3 heatsinks to match the rest of the build.
    2 thin coat layers of paint. After that i left them outside under a roof to dry for 15hours. Since some of these stuff are going inside the case it is very important it is totally dry
    Im really happy with the cleanyness of the ram heatsinks! Hope they still work...

    Ok! using super glue to put the front panel cover back on.. Shouldn't break for the next 10 years.

    Will check back with you guys to tell you if this is the best thing on the market today..

    Applying double sided thermal tape on the memory (The same way as the stock thermal tape was applied)


    Ok! Now everything is back together. Time for some end result shots.
    Here is the first photo without side panel

    Upper Photo

    Front Photo
    [IMG ALT=""][/IMG]

    Ram mod result Photo

    With side panel

    Will be checking back within the upcoming weeks with result of the ram mod. To see if i recommend it or not.

    But this Phantom 410 project is soon to be finished. I just have some re-sleeving to do, also building a new PSU cover

    Although i have already recieved a Phantom 820 case for my upcoming build.

    So stay alert and look for Jonas "jompenleet" Undestam.

    Have a good one
    So stay tuned!

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    I love all the white. Looks good man

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    Love the white star wars Theme...but in my house after a month it be black lol

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    thanks :-) hehe Detleg, it doesn't get that filthy though

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    Very nice.
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    I've always liked this build, looking forward to seeing what you do!

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