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    G74 3D - 120Hz - Flickering

    HI all,

    i've got random flickering with brand new G74SX-91020V, especially with 120hz mode for 3D vision,

    i've put away wifi router, still the same, as if he link between screen and graphic rad got interferences and lost. It does a small portion of the screen horizontally with snow.

    I had those kind of aretefact with others computers like imac 27 inch, or a custom PC build, and it was the DVI link which was bad; a better DVI cable improves the issue.
    DOes anyone else has this aterfact with the G74SX ? should i RMA it ?

    Thanks for an answer, i'm scared of this issue...

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    I had the exact same problem epalzeolithe everything from the flickering + the intermittent lines of snow. I sent mine back to Adorama and they were "out of stock" so I received a refund and decided to just purchase the G74sx-A2 from another online retailer.

    I waited quite awhile for the G74sx-3de and when it arrived with a defective screen I was really bummed/upset. If I want 3d ill buy a 3d capable monitor later.

    Also the laptop would not make 2d blu-ray movies play 3d yet it would make the 2d DVDs play in 3d.

    Playing Crysis 2 was a great experience though, it feels as if you are really aiming down the sights! fun fun

    It was an odd and sad experience after the long wait and finding out i'd have to wait another 2 weeks to get a fix if I RMA'd it to ASUS (if they have the parts available).

    The two week wait to replace a bad or even maybe a loose cable really irk'd me to no end. So it was time to return it for me and I suggest you do what you want. Just remember that you spent 2000 dollars for that laptop and it should work perfectly for that price. Just remember you will not get a replacement to play with in the mean time or anything so if you are using it for work you are out of luck. (Basically what ASUS CSR told me on the phone.)

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    I also got the G74SX 120Hz with 3D. Sometimes when I'm playing games, for a split second I see what you guys are talking about - a part of the screen flickers/gets snowy. It is not annoying me much (cause it happens very rarely, once a day at max, and it is only for a split second) But if this get's worse with time, and the flicker come more often, I would get really disapointed

    I also payed 2000+ USD on this laptop, so stuff like this should definately not happen

    If I were to describe which part of the screen that flickers, I would say, if you split the screen in 4 parts from top-bottom, it's is the second part from bottom that flickers.. I can see that this post is totally ignored so far, so consider this a bump. If I have to return this beast, I will get so frustrated-.-

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    Please, could an Asus-employee explain the situation here? this problem wont go away by ignoring it, and if 3 people on the forums have had this problem, there are probaly more g74 users out there wht this issue..

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    The issue is the LCDV cable. If you run the unit at 60Hz, it should run perfectly. The unit will need to have the cable changed out in an RMA.
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    Unfortunately, it looks like My G74SX-3DE has this issue as well. I had just purchased it yesterday and I am getting intermittent flickering as well. Even at a 60Hz refresh rate I am still having issues. Any suggestions admin? Should I just exchange it for a new one?

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