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    ASUS G74 noise levels?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone out there have some information about the fan noise levels of the G74?

    I previously owned a G53 and was very pleased with the noise levels at idle/litlle load.
    Sold it because I found the screen to small for my liking an was about to pick up a G73 instead when I noticed that the 74 series was released. Have been reading and watching reviews like crazy but have a hard time finding some really solid info on the noise levels. In all video reviews either people never stop talking or the noise is removed or background noise is very loud.

    As I know I'm not a fool wanting a quiet gaming rig, as the existance of the 53-73 series prooves.. I really feel that ther should be more info on this

    I know that the noise has become louder with the 74, but HOW much louder. Where I use my computer I couldn't hear my 53 at all when idle or just doing low impact stuff on it. Tried a MSI GT780r but found that the vibrations from the hdd and fan noise didn't live up to my demands. Notebook check really punishes the 74 on the louder noise and says it's a always present humming/wooshing. I kind of get the feeling theese two (msi gt780 and Asus G74) are similar in noise, but the ASUS has both vents pointing backwards and I believe that could be what saves it.

    Anyone with a G74 that feel like sharing any impressions?


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    Hi, I am sitting here and writing on my G74 3D now. I'm on power saving mode as I type, and the fan-noise is noticable. I also tried quiet office, but no difference. Anyways, as I said; the noise is noticable, but far from anoying. If I do "low impact stuff" I always listen to music, and if I set the built in speakers to 50% I can't here any noise at all. When In high performance, and playing "high impact stuff" maybe even with 3D on, the noise is like right bellow the "anoying limit", but I play with headphones (Astro A40) so I wouldn't even hear it if a serial killer came into to my house and killed everyone anyways x]

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    The 2 fans of the G73 and the G74 are actualy the same...the difference is the Cavity in the back of the G74 is a little bigger than the G73...hence more noticable exhaust...
    -ASUS ROG G73SW-3DE-
    -Intel Core i7-2630QM Mobile Quad Processor
    -Intel HM65 Express Chipset +ICH10
    -17.3" 1920x1080 120Hz Anti-Glare Matte Screen
    -nVidia GeForce GTX 460m 1.5GB GDDR5 VRAM
    -nVidia 3D Vision Active Shutter Glasses
    -Creative EAX Advanced HD 5.0
    -THX TruStudio
    -8GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM (Max 32GB)
    -2x500 Seagate Momentous XT Hybrid HDD
    -Blu-Ray 4x Burner
    -Logitech Performance MX Darkfield Laser Mice
    -Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

    -XBOX360, PS3, Wii

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    Hi, ok thanks guys, that was what I was looking for.
    Now descision time...g73 or g74.

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    I would go for the G74 Two of my friends has the G73, and my performance is just a notch better in most games, also the keyoard on the g74 is wider, and better. And imo the fans on the g74 is hella cool x] The only downside of buying the g74 is that it WILL hav driver issues. Atleast mine had. The "windows-explorer" function stopped working the second I used it (and it works with most applications so I couldn't do **** tbh) But the fix for that was to uninstal asus web storage. easy fix. ALso, you will have to update the keyboard dirver as some of the keys wont notice you push them softly. and you have to go into the sound driver to get higher volume. And maybe you'll have a problrm I didn't have, but this forum has the solution to almost anything asus

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    Hi, thanks for the info.

    Went and got myself a Asus G74SX-91111V. It's the model with matte display and 3D capabilities. Really don't know about the 3D but it had massive amounts of memory and a SSD drive as primary drive so the performance index is at 7.2 out of the box

    Quite expensive though but compared to the MSI GT780 i tried recently I belive the difference is worth it. After 20 minutes on both I feel it is like comparing a Bentley Supersports to a tricked out Mitshubishi Lancer Evo. Very similar performance but a completely different ride. Bentley all the way! And If you are going for the "regular" G74 with glare display (imo actually a nicer display, but reflections can be annoying) the price is almost the same = no brainer for me.

    Sound is ok, and a understand that a little driver config can make it even better. I have no THX Trustudio though..strange...perhaps this model doesn't have it!? Build is fantastic, design aswell. Keyboard excellent and trackpad/mouse buttons also (the G53 had terrible mousebuttons).

    And now to what initially pointed me away from the G74 (something that punished itself bigtime, both in irritation and financial loss), the reported noise level at idle/low impact. It is excellent! With the ambient noise levels in my apartement (fridge, ventilation) I can't hear it. And compared to the G53 I really don't notice a big difference, a little yes, but not something to write home about. Fantastic!

    So far I'm impressed

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    Then you have the same model as me 16bg ram, matte display and the ssd drive for the OS and some games/applications. I was writing my other post in the middle of the night, so it was extremely quiet in my appartment, so my fan noise was more noticable. The reboot time on this laptop is amazing with the ssd also loadingscreens goes very fast on the games i put on the ssd.

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    yeah, fantastic piece of kit. I love it. But one thing that struck me, not regarding noise...but sound, is that the left speaker(s) (I heard there are three speakers on this laptop) is "pumping" out far less volume than the right side. If I leave the balance 50/50 the right side sound a lot more. I can almost go as far as 100 on the left and 55 on the right to experience a "balanced" sound. Not a showstopper but it's a little odd...

    Since you hav the same model, you also noticed this?

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    Help with G74 sound driver

    Hey fellas,

    Can anyone explain how to adjust the audio driver to increase the volume? As some have mentioned, it seems to be set fairly low but I couldn't figure out what I needed to do.



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    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneG95 View Post
    Hey fellas,

    Can anyone explain how to adjust the audio driver to increase the volume? As some have mentioned, it seems to be set fairly low but I couldn't figure out what I needed to do.


    Take a look at this thread on how to use the THX utility. There are also profiles is the Realtek audio manager that can help a lot, but the THX "fix" seems to work a little better.

    Keep in mind that the G74 has tiny little laptop speakers that aren't placed very well in the chassis. It'll never sound "good."

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