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    Cannot disable annoying Auto dimming screen brightness?

    Hi. I have an asus laptop. x53u model. I cannot disable the auto-brightness adjust. It dims/lightens at different brightnesses which ruins watching something on it. really annoying. I have googled so much and discovered there is supposed to be a fn+a command to enable/disable this feature. It does nothing on my laptop. I reinstalled the ATK package several times. still does not work. fn+f2 or fn+f5 type commands work, but fn+a fn+b etc commands do nothing. HOW CAN I DISABLE THIS IRRITATING AUTO-DIMMING AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR FUNCTION?!?!

    there must be a manual way?

    I've looked in the bios... nothing. don't see any services or devices (device manager) to disable that would control it. I don't care about being able to turn it on/off or fixing my fn key, I just want it OFF.

    any ideas? thanks.

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