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    Maximus IV Extreme: Error debug code 00: non boot [possible solution]

    Hi. This morning I went to start up my mive just to realize that it wouldn't boot up. Error code was 00. I started by clearing cmos, swapping memory's, trying different memory's, nothing. Disconnected all cables attached, removed cpu from socket, memory's out, while the cr2032 battery was out. Left it out for about 15 minutes. Reseated cpu on the socket with it's original fan, started up... nothing, debug still was showing 00 code. I started to search on google for that problem, and get to see some cases that they had to return the mobo for a replacement.
    After almost trying everything, I watched all the mobo switches, and pressed the Q-Reset switch, and right after that I changed the LN2 mode to off, and voilá, started up showing debug normal numbers and letters, and booted up right away. I want to share this because I also saw a member at asus forums that had to RMA his max. iv ext. around february because a problem almost equal to mine. Thank you, and hope it help's somebody. Cheers.

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    Thanks this little guide fixed my Debug code 00 error.

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    Sorry to ask like a complete noob but where is the Q-Reset switch? (I'm using the Rampage IV extreme btw...)
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    Next to the power button on the motherboard.

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