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    Question NGFF M.2 vs RAIDR Express vs Raid 0 SSD

    So i am undecided what to do hard drive wise for my new build once my MVIF comes from the supplier to me at work. I have been looking around but cant find any proper comparison between these SSD combinations below.

    What will have the best overall performance in my machine?

    As i understand the RAIDR Express is RAID0 240GB drives through PCI-E but how does that compare against lets say Samsung PRO 840 240GB's in RAID0?

    As for the NGFF M.2 SSD drives i cannot find any speed comparison charts against the two items above.

    If anyone is able to give me a direction on what setup will perform the best in an overclocked system basically with the parts listed below as voltage restraints may affect performance?

    Custom XSPC loop with 1x120 and 2x240 rads.
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    If you can find the NGFF SSD's to purchase please link me. I can not so I guess it is a mute point any comparison.

    I have not used the RAIDR Express so can not comment on that as yet.

    Both will be quick, but personally I have moved from RAID0 for OS and now prefer a single SSD for my OS.
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    M.2 on the M6F is limited to a single 2.0 PCIe lane and you also loose one of the Intel SATA 6Gb/sports when using it. So of the options listed above this is not even a contender.

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    Just the reason that Praz posted makes the port M.2 port on the ASUS not worth using for someone persuing pure performance, this imo is more aimed into someone not wanting to use the space of a 2.5 drive... etc.

    Now im going to recommend agaisnt raiding ssds, the big gains are on sequentrials (wirtes/reads), but the overall feeling of the ssd experience wont change, you will not half the loading times nor decrese the response times, etc. Also to be able to mantain your raid array healthy you will need trim, the trim command will pass on a intel raid array only if the BIOS OROM matches intel RST, so either you need to use only the RST that matches the bios you have on your motherboard or you will need a moded bios to use a newer RST, check this thread for more info, ASUS / ASRock / MSI / GIGABYTE BIOS's with updated RAID OROM

    On the PCIE Asus ssd, idk, could be good or not. I had friends with OCZ PCIe drives with a lot of issues, from not able to boot to it, to the PC wont turn off, no trim so they had to secure erase constantly. Probably asus implementation is better, but for what you gain.... idk if i would risk it.

    Now if i were to raid, i would also buy a dedicated raid card, this can be really expensive, some cards go into $500+, but thats how you will get the most of the ssds.

    If you really want something faster, just use the ASUS ROG RAMdisk that came with your motherboard, its like 15x faster than an ssd, with faster 4k randoms, etc. The only downside is every time you reboot it will need time to build the ram disk.

    My recommendation is just simply go with the biggest single ssd you can afford and that will cover what you want to install, unless you have heavy use to sequential writes/reads, you wont see much difference. We will have Sata Express in less than two years, so investing much in ssd atm imo is not worth it, just get whatever will cover you for the next two years, i just hope sata express makes it to Skylake.
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    If I were building new system I would go with the new Samsung Evo 750gb when it becomes available. They are fast and not too expensive. It only took me once losing an array to say never again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Praz View Post
    M.2 on the M6F is limited to a single 2.0 PCIe lane and you also loose one of the Intel SATA 6Gb/sports when using it. So of the options listed above this is not even a contender.
    Isn't PCIe 2.0 still faster than sata 6GB throughput? and your average computer doesn't populate 6 sata ports, not to mention non native sata ports. So losing one sata port for a drive that you'd have to plug into a sata port anyway doesn't seam like a big deal to me.

    The rumor is that M.2 drives are bascially like 2 high end ssd's in raid 0 as far as speed, so M.2 is very much worth it in my book. But we'll see when they actually start selling M.2 drives and what people are actually getting

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    Quote Originally Posted by warmmilk View Post
    Isn't PCIe 2.0 still faster than sata 6GB throughput?
    Depends on the number of lanes used. A single PCIe 2.0 lane bandwidth is 100 MB/s less than an Intel SATA 3Gb/s port.

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