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    ASUS G75 gpu heat issue


    I have a G75 with the GTX 670M. I'm overclocking it to run planetside2 at a decent fps rate, 650/1650, but my gpu temp gets really high, like up to 90C.

    Any ideas whats causing this? I live in norway, so its never more then 10C outside.

    Could it a good idea to get new thermal paste? If so, is there a guide somewhere to how i dissassamble my laptop?

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    I also have gpu thermal issues, because of it I don't overclock. I recommend not overclocking until your heat issues are resolved. If you re-paste it will break your warranty. I'm going to send mine in for heatsink/fan/paste replacement. I would recommend you do the same if you don't want to break the warranty.
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    You will void any warranty you have, by repasting yourself, that said here is a good video on how to dissemble a G75
    Sorry I don't know much about OC, What are your temps running with out the OC? Stress Testing with Furmark full screen 1080 Res my G75 hits the low 80's after 15 minute run it takes about 7 minutes to get to 81 or so and holds there for the rest of the test. this is with no OC at all.
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    I overclock mine to 750/1750
    and the max GPU temps I get is 72C while playing games like Crysis 3 and other demanding games.
    but I did Repaste mine with arctic MX-4
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    asus is not agree OC in laptop, if you are not doing OC, the temp is 90C or not? if you want install thermal paste, asus still not agree, but i know so many people do that, you can search from youtube or here.

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