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    New here but have a question about the Asus G750JX

    So i am kind of the cautious type. I don't want to spend money on this and then in 3 years it will be obsolete and won't be able to play newer games. So i was wandering if i could change the motherboard in later times to put a new GPU on it and what not. Thanks!

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    Welcome to RoG
    In short, no.
    Laptops are not easily upgradable other than the memory and hard drives.
    That laptop should be good for 3 years, it is one off the best available.

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    The G73's still hold their own .. and were the last to have an up-gradable gpu.
    The fact of the matter is, in tech .. nothing is built for 3 years out. Who knows ..
    new happens in quick cycles in tech .. think of the cpu/gpu/memory improvements and
    releases we have seen in the last 6 months .. doesn't mean the G74/74/75's are obsolete ..
    just not up to the minute up to date ..
    Games and other software is for the 'masses' however .. they have to play well on what
    the biggest market has to play/use them/it on .. So in this. Like Poco said .. you are good to go,
    The G750 is top shelf today .. there will be little it wont be able to handle in the future.

    Now that all said .. and for the money .. is it a laptop you need .. or an upgradable desktop ??? hmmm ?? ..c.

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