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    it was different installing MEI on Win7x64 than it was on Win8x64...

    on win7 the computer automatically rebooted and then continued the installation of the Identity Protection Technology (which I do not feel I need) and the simple pci communications device was integrated into the device manager.

    I have "Life Lock" so I am not interested in Intel's identity protection, so I wonder what it does? what's it doing there? is it needed somehow for the Suite package from Asus?

    when my new memory comes I'll probably do another Win8 install and it will be left out... even though I already uninstalled the MEI package I see no difference in benchmarks or stability in AIDA64.

    the port that is even uses is quite secretive, seems people all around the web are trying to identify that port address.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nodens View Post
    There is absolutely nothing on the chip.
    I may have been looking at the i7 3820QM processor... I'll look into it.

    it still doesn't address the question of why "jhi_service.exe" is needed to be there in the first place on our non AMT boards.

    What IPT does is use the CPU itself as the authenticator. It is an opt-in technology that allows you to tie your physical PC to an online login for supported websites.
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    Graphics Card #1ASUS STRIX-GTX970-DC2OC-4GD5
    MonitorASUS VG278H
    Storage #13x OCZ Vertex 3 240 (RAID5 - LSI 9361-8i)
    Storage #23x WD2003FYYS (RAID5 - LSI 9361-8i)
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    I've replied to you in the other thread. There's no need to double post stuff saying the same things:
    RAMPAGE Windows 8/7 UEFI Installation Guide - Patched OROM for TRIM in RAID - Patched UEFI GOP Updater Tool - ASUS OEM License Restorer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nodens View Post
    I've posted about this quite a few times but here's one more.

    Intel Management Engine is NOT the same thing as AMT/VPro. IME comes in 2 parts.
    Is that a Type-O? Did you mean MEI, or is there an "IME" section as well?

    Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding the UEFI setting in the ASUS and if you did mean "IME" I need to find out what that is.

    I have yet to complete my system specs in the forum user control panel, but I will soon. However, for now, this is my basic system:

    Present O/S is Windows 7 64 bit but will be upgraded to Win 10 as soon as I get the system running well enough.
    CPU: i7-10700K
    Mobo: ASUS ROG Maximus Xii Formula
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    PSU: EVGA 1300W
    RAM: T-Force DDR4 Xtream 3600MHz (2 x 8GB)
    Cooling System: Liquid, EKWB Pump, (2) 200ml reservoirs, (2) Radiators, 1 - 120 x 240 x 25.4 and 1 - 120 x 120 x 34.9. All Soft tubing.
    Case: Corsair 780T (White)

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