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    ROG G46VW crashing in Fullscreen mode

    I'm running a ROG G46VW connected to an Asus VE278Q monitor through an HDMI cable. Whenever I stream a video (Youtube, Netflix etc), and try to go to fullscreen, the system crashes and gives me a bluescreen with a dxgmms1.sys error.

    If I disconnect the HDMI cable and try to go fullscreen, it works no problem on the laptop display. If I then connect the cable while the video is streaming in fullscreen, the external monitor displays the video in fullscreen no problem. Only when I attempt to go to fullscreen with the monitor already connected to I get a crash. I tried a different HDMI cable; same result.

    Here's the weird thing: this only occurs with my Asus VE278Q monitor. I tried to replicate the fault with the laptop connected to a different monitor, and also to my Samsung TV using an HDMI cable, and it works fine.

    I also attempted this with the monitor connected to a different computer. No fault found. My ROG just doesn't seem to like my monitor.

    The problem only shows up when streaming online video. If I run video files (.avi etc), no problem.

    I conducted a clean install of the Nvidia drivers AND of the INTEL Graphics driver. I'm running Direct X 12 and Windows 10 64bit. The system ran fine for years and I didn't change anything. The problem materialised in June 2016 and I haven't been able to resolve it.

    Please advise.
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