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    Beginner Guide to PC Problem Solving using memtest86+ FAST

    Memtest86 is a great piece of software that will let you test withier your RAM/CPU or board is to blame for any errors. In this guide I will explain how to Eliminate Each Component QUICKLY and hopefully help you get your pc running like the beauty “she” is.

    To start the test you must download Memtest86+ from their website ( After, follow their instructions and when created either a bootable CD or USB Key. (Be warned an external hard drive does not count as a USB key)

    TESTING your ram in an organised fashion is critical to finding errors.
    The First Test one should do is to run all the memory in one go until presented an error, Or for as long as you feel necessary (you must wait for at least 1 pass), personally I believe that 1 pass is good enough however there are cases where the error/s will not be found in the first test. (The time it takes to run the test depends on one’s hardware; I was able to test 4GB in 30 mins on average.)

    If your test turns out to come with no errors it is very UNLIKELY that your CPU, Board or RAM is to blame. However should one encounter even a single error one should turn their system of and remove all but one DIMM.

    Below is a table explaining how I tested and recorded the data for ram.

    As seen I labelled all my sticks, “Alpha”, “Bravo”, “Charlie” and, “Delta”. I also cut some paper and made sure that the labels never got mixed up.
    Should one find an error in one of the sticks, one should stop the current test and continue testing all the modules. Below is an image explaining how to analyse your Results.

    I hope this helped someone

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    Nice quick and easy test.
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    nice man.
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    Here is a ready booting disc image:

    ubcd should have memtest86 there already.
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    Good work Julien

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