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    gradual performance degradation

    I suspect this is not much of a problem with hardware, but rather I am interested in knowing why does this happen. Over the period of not restarting my PC in 1 week or so, I notice a system performance degradation as simple as when watching youtube videos. The sound seems OK, but any internet video source (from flashplayer) becomes stutered when the computer is not restarted frequently. I wonder why is this so. I assumed that by having high-end hardware the deterioration process (as compared with my old laptop) would be harder to come by, but I was wrong. I fresh install windows at least 2 times per year.

    Also, I notice a degradation in mouse scroll responsiveness like, scrolling down a web page and noticing the response a few deciseconds later. So what I would want to hear is your opinion about this behaviour.
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    that could be just a fragmented registry or fragmented HD, I have been using system mechanic for years, computer always stays "snappy"
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    Unless thermal throttling is kicking in with your hardware (which does not seem like the case, as it takes a whole week for the symptoms to appear), you have either installed bad software or drivers. Performance should not deteriorate with time, regardless of your hardware. I have both an old Core 2 desktop as well as a 3930k one running 24/7, and neither of them experience any kind of performance degradation like you have described. Have you tried a fresh OS installation?
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    Like all things in file, regular preventative maintenance is better than corrective measures. There are a number of reasons why a system can become sluggish or not perform as you recall it doing. The most common one is OS, the older the OS becomes the more likely that there will be an ever growing legacy of registry entries that are not needed or incorrect.

    Then take the every growing amount of rubbish we accumulate on our disks, be it internet cache or the other crud that windows insists on storing for us.

    A regular clean up, using what ever application works for you is the answer. I CClean my system ever week. Just the clean part. My registry I do not touch with software.

    Best thing to do is a regular OS install ever couple of months/year.
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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