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    new Rampage Extreme for ivybridge-e?

    will there be a new rampage extreme for the new processors and ivybridge e

    like Rampage VI Extreme

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    The current Rampage Extreme is number IV (four)... I guess, the next one would be number V (five)...

    The new IB-E does not really need new board, it works with the same chipset... a new BIOS is more likely needed though...

    But who knows?! Most manufacturers are very secretive these days... wait couple weeks and you will find out if a new one will show up...

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    I saw posted that something was coming in a few days .. a few days ago.
    I also so saw posted that 'things were very hectic, busy' ... [always good news for 'us']
    We may be seeing some revision boards ... or maybe something completely new.
    the point is .. 'we will see' ... soon.c.

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    RIVE Black

    MY bad thought it was yet to be released....................
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    The Rampage IV Extreme will support the IvyBridge-e cpu's with anyone of the last three BIOS updates: 4206, 4310, 4403
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    i just don't want to buy an old motherboard for my brand new build

    i want a shiny brand new one

    wait why does it say ASUS VIP under my name?


    when i typed that and posted it the ASUS VIP icon dissappeard????

    it was a big ASUS VIP with blue and red?
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    I personally do not think their will be a New Rampage V Gene/Formula/Extreme until Haswell-E because Ivy-E doesn't need a new chipset.

    I will be going LGA 2011-3 when Haswell-E comes out and be possibly buying the Rampage V Extreme : P.

    Personally I would love to see a Haswell-E LGA 2011-3 Mini-ITX Motherboard. : P
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZZCOOL View Post
    when i typed that and posted it the ASUS VIP icon dissappeard????
    The first rule of ASUS VIP club, is you don't talk about ASUS VIP
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    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Saknussemm View Post
    The4 first rule of ASUS VIP club is you don't talk about ASUS VIP

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