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    Smile Republic of Gamers Theme

    Well Folks after 2 years of work I've finally finished it, it may not be the best out there but it's a lot better than what Asus put out! That was a mess!

    If you've been reading some of my art threads then you don't need Screen Shots..... But for those that haven't seen here's a couple
    Start Menu and Start Orb animation
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Start Menu and Buttons.png 
Views:	832 
Size:	434.0 KB 
ID:	25898
    Task Bar
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Taskban.png 
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Size:	35.1 KB 
ID:	25899

    What this includes are as follows
    ROG Theme Pack
    Start Orb
    12 Wall Papers setup in a Slide Show
    Universal Theme Patcher
    Theme Resource Changer
    Log in Screen with Basebrd.dll for Re-Branding and my Registry Import for enabling Custom Log In Screens
    Night Diamond Bloody Red Cursor Package with Installer
    7tsp and My ROG Icon Package for that Custom ROG Feeling and making your friends Drool!
    ROG TeamSpeak3 Skin Final Version
    ROG Steam Skin for the OOOoo So Completeness
    Install Instructions all over the place

    No Rocket Dock Theme or Nexus Ultimate ether .... There are plenty of those around or you can get Creative!

    You can reach me here when I feel like logging in or at one of my other two hang outs
    If you have Complaints just log into and feel free to leave as bad of a complaint as you like!

    Yes it's Self Extracting!

    Have Fun!
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    Wow this really looks great I have no idea my self how to build a windows theme I can only bet it's a ton of work, Very nice indeed and thanks for sharing.
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    Thanks for sharing your hardwork with us, DC. You know that we value your artistic skills here at ROG.

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    ROG Guru: Grand Master Array Arne Saknussemm PC Specs
    Arne Saknussemm PC Specs
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    ありがとうございます dc!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arne Saknussemm View Post
    ありがとうございます dc!
    lol nice!!

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    ganji PC Specs
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    Another cracking job DC, Nice 1 chap

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    @Arne, do you really know Japanese??? That's just so cool! Loved it.
    I am disturbed because I cannot break my system...found out there were others trying to cope! We have a support group on here, if your system will not break, please join!
    We now have 178 people whose systems will not break! Yippee!
    LINUX Users, we have a group!

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    あなたの歓迎アルネ今すぐ出て行くと再生, Anata no kangei arune ima sugu deteiku to saisei, Your Welcome Arne, Now Go Forth and Play!

    And Thank You Everyone.

    Yes I know what value my art has here(nothing) but I still try to do my best even though it's never good enough.

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    DC .. freak'n Awesome .. most don't know what .. 'worth nothing' means .. it is what 'we' expect from others in
    return for the 'joy' that'd provided .. and that's usually what 'we' receive with the exception of a thank you which
    is the best reward, member to member, of all. cudos bro.

    Zy, try to focus and stay on topic. lol. c.
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    Thanks DC your theme is awesome, as I said one day you have great skills mate
    I would like to report a small bug in the start menu, you can see it on this link, it's possible to fix it?

    I'd like to point out that I followed all the installation steps:
    First I install Universal Theme Patcher than the Theme Resource Changer than the theme and so on ..

    Just out of curiosity, if I only want install the Task Bar and Start menu from your theme, is there any method to do it?

    Please do not get me wrong with my last question, it's only because the background colors
    of the windows are a bit dark (in some situations) and it's hard to see on my monitor ..

    Keep sharing your work
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