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    CHVFT Thunderbolt Miseries...

    Well folks I thought I had some problems with Mediafire for hosting my ROG Theme that I posted up here but as it turns out it's that D#M ROG Thunderbolt card!. Well since I took it out after my disappointments while writing the Explosive Thoughts thread last year, I noticed Asus finally updated the Drivers for it so I gave it a try in the Crosshair V Formula/Thunderbolt MoBo I have.

    Well all worked fine for about a month then I got back to trying to make my ROG Theme again and downloaded a Theme package and installed it to learn....OOOOPPPPPSSSSS! the first thing that started going wrong was all of a sudden my games in Steam refused to start and kept crashing at startup unless I switched Audio over to the Thunderbolt Headphone Port ONLY! check the System logs and I had errors all over the place about Audio Driver Failing so I reinstalled all the Sound Drivers and that didn't help so I did an sfc/scannow and after I couldn't use the theme anymore but also all sound was down so once again I re-installed the Sound Drivers and everything worked. I figured it was the Software that I used to Patch the system for 3rd party Themes so I tried a different type which I included with my theme and still the Audio was good BUT!!!! now I was having Permission Problems and I couldn't save files anymore! I got that fixed by resetting the Permissions back to Factory and then the nightmare of getting my folders back to me! then Last Night I suddenly had a Display Port Failure! Have you ever tried to work with Windows 7 in 640x480 Mode! It's not fun! and I can think of only 2 people I would wish that on! Well this morning I finally gave up and YANKED that D##, F#$&ing, PIECE OF S#$T Thunberbolt Card out and then went into Safe Mode Command Prompt and started into repairing! after a new sfc/scannow, Permission Reset, Registry Combing and repair, and HUNTING DOWN EVERY LISTING of that @#$$@#@%@&@*@*@*&^@^@%$@ Thunderbolt Card off my Hard Drive! I finally have it fixed and running correctly with 3rd Party Themes!!!!! It has been over 4 Hours of no Problems and 2 Hours with my ROG Theme back on!

    Moral is DON't PUT That ROG Thunderbolt Card in your SYSTEM! if you want your system to WORK!

    Trust me! Today I made two Drunken Sailors and a Marine embarrassed! and one Army Lieutenant swear he's never heard that many Cuss Words come out of some one EVER!

    Now the Strange part is I had this Same Card in a Dell for over 6 months with the same Theme package that started this and it had NO PROBLEMS what so ever! WTF! Did Asus make it for the Dells and not an Asus MoBo???

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