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    Asus Maximus VI Extreme + Corsair Domniator Platinum (16gb) DDR3-2133 Memory Question

    Hi I'm a newbie here and soon to be owner of a Beast Rig with an Asus Setup and had a question about the memory and etc. I've heard you need to tweak the memory speeds and timings in the BIOS for the memory since the auto function to read the memory will only go max 1333Mhz. Is this true? so then how would i approach it then? how would i set this up? do i have to manually set the memory speed to 2133Mhz? !! hope someone else clarifies and answers this !!

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    get 1 ( one ) kit of memory in the speed range you want, in bios you can set XMP profile, that way it will run at the speed the kit is rated on.

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    Ald, I have the exact same setup as you...Maximus VI Extreme and Corsair Dom Platinum at 2133(I see someone read the MVIE ram compatibility guide). I can OC the ram around 2200 with no effect on the stability of OC'ing the CPU. Update your BIOS before you start OC'ing though. The BIOS the MVIE ships out with is not the current BIOS and if you update the BIOS after OCing then you will loose all your settings. Setting up the ram to 2133 is very easy with due to intels XMP profiles. Do the following:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Spot on advice djdelirius
    To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

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