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    LOL nleksan you have my vote here. Cooking a CPU is a sure fire recipe for CPU degradation in my book. I recall a while back there was a long thread here and on other forums about how rubbish the CPUs were and that they were degrading. I checked and each and every one who had degradation had run extended hours of some of the stability tests.

    Look there are some folks who buy their systems just to run stability tests, they bin CPUs with as much dedication as I do for benching. The aim is the highest OC with the lowest voltage. It is their hobby and I respect that and I will assist them where I can. But each uses has their own needs and own set of values. If you game, then if your system plays your came without issue your system is stable. If you do financial modelling then your system needs to be able to run those applications, and so on. What ever the need that is the yardstick.

    What a stability test does do is provide a great source of heat to check on temps. It does provide a pretty clunky reference point within the first 10 minutes as you say of where your system is. For me far more stressful is having 50 tabs open in a browser, some memory intensive application opened, a large file copied but not pasted and just to round it off open ten or so other arbitrary applications and then put my system to sleep. Leave it for a few hours and have it wake perfectly and paste the large file. Now that is stable.
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    Awesome! HiVizMan you is the man!
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    You guys are a fountain of good information !
    I am happy to report that I've been running the last 2 days and in the BF4 beta an not had a single crash!

    Thanks again for the info ! And I have to agree , I never run stress apps for longer than 1 - 2 minutes , If it doesn't fall over , then you are almost there.

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