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    I really should change the title of the topic. The BSOD hasn't happened since and I'm pretty sure it's unrelated to my OC stability issue.

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    so from what i read again at 1rst post its 1oo % ssd firmware fault because i had same with my force ssd , but at that time i didnt had my OS on SSD and it was that ssd just vanished from system like it got disconnected and after reboot it wasnt detected at all , just another restart and it was visible .
    And still you didn't post even single bsod code ...

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    I didn't catch the bsod code and I haven't had one since. If it happens again I'll remember to write down the code and post it... although I'm sure google could easily help with that anyways.

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    Just an update. I got a soft lock and lost my ability to right click. I've switched the SSD to a Sata3g port and replaced the SATA3 cable with a new SATA2 cable. I then upgraded my SSD firmware to the latest release. Reset my OC to 4ghz 1.3vCore and will check stability now.

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